Hapman’s standard construction consists of heavy schedule 40 pipe (sch 80 optional) with slotted round flanges and is continuously welded. The heavy pipe wall not only lasts longer than thinner walled pipe but provides an added measure of structural rigidity that aids in its own support. The slotted flanges allow components to be rotated for ease of alignment, meanwhile providing a secure joint that will not separate.

By comparison, other manufacturers commonly supply light duty sch. 10 pipe with compression couplings instead of flanges. Lighter gauge pipe wears out faster and may require shorter spans between and thus a greater number of supports. Couplings are a less secure method of joining pipe and can allow joints to separate leading to product leakage and premature flight wear.

Hapman is also proud to offer engineered chain – a robust and reliable alternative to most of the cheap chains our competitors offer. Call or e-mail us and we would be happy to stop out with a sample chain so you can see and feel the difference of Hapman Quality!

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