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  • Capture Airborne Dust

Dust Collectors

Industrial dust collectors filter dust and airborne particulates produced by various manufacturing processes. Properly designed dust collectors can take in dirty plant air and discharge clean air. From grain, flour and wood dust to coal, rock mineral and chemical fines, we can help find the ideal dust collection solution for your specific needs.

  • Remove Pollutants


Scrubbers use water to remove unwanted pollutants from a gas stream. This technology works by causing dust particles to attach to liquid droplets, then removing the dirty water into a recycle tank. The science behind trapping the particles or gas includes: Inertial Impaction, Interception, Diffusion, and Condensation.

Filters & Filter Cartridges
Filters & Filter Cartridges
  • Innovative Dust Control

Fogging Dust Suppression

Dry fog dust control systems are highly efficient, fine particulate scrubbers that use very little water, no chemicals, and do not increase the overall moisture content of the product. Based on the principles of agglomeration, our dry fog systems use acoustic nozzles to create a cloud of extremely small droplets that are in the same size range as the airborne dust. These water droplets agglomerate with the dust particles, make them heavier, and settle back to their source and out of the air.

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We are happy to find aftermarket cartridges and bags for your existing equipment. Excellent quality and price competitive.

Filters & Filter Cartridges

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