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Employing consumption history to generate predictive data can assist your company in minimizing its bulk material requirements. Achieving a 1 or 2% reduction in waste becomes easily feasible, allowing you to optimize your strategic procurement approach and acquire materials at more cost-effective rates, potentially resulting in millions of dollars in return on investment.

Over the past 30 years, bulk material consumption has surged by 80%, and projections indicate it could reach 180 billion tons by 2050. The implementation of intelligent supply chain strategies, such as procurement optimization, material aggregation, and strategic sourcing, holds significant profit potential.

BinMaster plays a pivotal role in enhancing your supply chain endeavors by delivering precise and timely measurements for each vessel containing bulk materials, whether in a single location or multiple locations.

The foundation of bulk material data lies in BinMaster sensors, which measure solids or liquids in bins, silos, or tanks. BinCloud® software showcases real-time views of each vessel’s inventory based on these measurements. Customers like yourself play an instrumental role in shaping new features on BinCloud, including historical usage charts and trendlines, contributing to improved predictive ordering and sourcing strategies.

Scott Hudson, BinMaster’s Executive VP, emphasizes, “BinCloud responds to customer needs for more accurate inventory.” Customers benefit from regular free updates to the platform, driven by user requests. This collaborative approach ensures that the platform becomes more user-friendly and customizable to meet specific company needs. The rarity of turning software requests and ideas into reality is a distinctive feature that sets BinMaster customers apart.

For instance, radar sensors continuously capture level data from storage silos and processing tanks with remarkable speed and accuracy. These sensors transmit the data to the BinCloud inventory management platform in the cloud. Administrators have control over system access and define user privileges, safeguarding the integrity of cloud inventory by specifying which data each user can view, modify, or report.


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