PEBCO® Dustless Loading Spouts are the industry standard for reducing dust emissions. Ideal for many types of material handling, standard configurations can be implemented in almost any application and integrated with existing dust collecting capabilities. Industry standard for reducing dust emissions when loading trucks, trains, barges, or in stockpiling applications in many industries, including: grains, cement, ash, sand, fertilizers, coal, lime, plastics, and many more. Our Dustless Loading Spouts have standard travel ranges from 1’ to 50’. Many thoughtful design features make PEBCO’s Dustless Loading Spouts easy to maintenance. Inlet and outlet cones are bolted into the spout to allow ease of replacement. Integrated winch assembly includes bolt-together cable drums making lift cable replacement easier than one-piece machined designs. Optional design features to improve ease of use include: rotary limit switches, slack cable switches indicate contact with the vehicle or material pile, tilt probes, auto raise/lower and more. Fog ring by The Raring Corp can be bolted to the outlet to provide dust suppression if dust collection is not used or available.


LOW PROFILE Dustless Loading Spout (DLS)
Low Headroom? The LOW PROFILE DLS is just what you need.

• Ideal for fine powders, grains, or abrasive materials
• Motor & gearbox located on the outside for ease of access
• Utilizes a square opening to eliminate the need for transitions thereby reducing height
• Proximity sensors are used in place of mechanical limit switches again to reduce height


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