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Marion Batch Mixer
  • Mixing Workhorse

Batch Mixers

The name Marion is synonymous with horizontal batch mixing. For over 80 years, we have set the standard by which all other mixers are measured. From our flexible and ready-to-work Heartland Ox, to a fully custom design based on your processing needs, Marion has the solution you need. Your industrial batch mixer will be the cornerstone of your process solution for decades to come, so choose wisely, and choose Marion.

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  • Excellent ROI

Continuous Mixers

Continuous mixing offers gains in speed that are oftentimes lost to blend quality issues. With continuous mixers, you can avoid that trade-off. Custom-built to meet your processing needs, our continuous blenders offer quality construction, proven technology, and dependable performance for years to come.

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Marion Continuous Mixer
Marion Double Cone Mixer
  • Minimal Maintenance

Double Cone Blenders

The industry standard for batch mixing with minimal maintenance. Tumble blending offers rapid, low-impact mixing – highly beneficial for abrasive solids and semi-dry materials. The revolving mixing action promotes highly uniform mixes, and is the mixing equipment of choice for materials with trace components, such as flavorings for coffee beans or drink mixes. The Double-Cone Blender is often used for coffees, teas, pharmaceuticals, glass, and ceramic mixing, and its configuration can include load cells to weigh incoming materials for high-precision blends.

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  • Mixing for Delicate Materials

V-Cone Blender

A high-performance tumble mixer design that offers precision tooling and finish for maximum cleanability. Quick blends with consistent, gentle mixing ideal for delicate materials and abrasive solids. Its characteristic V shape promotes better drainage and discharge and is inherently clean by design, lacking any internal moving parts and eliminating product buildup.

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Marion V-Cone Blender

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